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Miyazaki Mango the Egg of Sun, The Costliest Mango on Earth 300$

Miyazaki mango:

Miyazaki mangoes are considered one of the most expensive fruits in the world and are only found in a few countries, including Bangladesh, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The saplings require warm weather and lengthy hours of sunlight to turn into a full-sized tree. This Miyazaki mango is also known as Taiyo-no-Tamago in Miyazaki, Japan.

Miyazaki Mango called “Eggs of Sun”: Since the mango has a flaming red colour, its unusual look like an egg gives it the name of “Eggs of Sun.” The colour is different from the yellow colour observed in pelican mangoes which are widely produced in Southeast Asia.

Miyazaki mangoes are rated uniquely and must weigh approximately 350 grams in average size and contain nearly 15% more sugar than other mango species. Mangoes may reach up to 900 grams in weight.
This mango species requires a lot of rain to grow and was originally cultivated around the Japanese city of Miyazaki in 1984. Warm weather, long hours of sunlight, and enough of rain made the location perfect for cultivating the expensive fruit. The species is grown from April to August and is sold between May and June.
According to studies, mangoes are high in antioxidants, contain beta-carotene and folic acid, and help in visual improvement. Mango prices start at Rs 8,600 (120$) per kilogram and may reach Rs 2-3 lakh(3000$) per kilogram.

Some people may be surprised to know that mango, a popular tropical fruit, is cultivated in Japan. Miyazaki features natural tropical and subtropical vegetations due to its subtropical climate, which has the greatest sunshine hours and the highest precipitation levels in Japan. As a result, agriculture and livestock farming is one of the most important businesses in this region. Farmers who wished to become Miyazaki mango producers planted the seeds of the Miyazaki mango dream in 1985. Two farmers began putting their plan into action in 1986. The next year, eight more farms joined the project. However, it proved to be a challenging task, particularly because they couldn’t figure out why black spots appeared on the mangoes.

As a result, farmers received no revenue from Mango cultivation for the next eight years. One day, they realized that ripened mangos that had fallen naturally on the ground were delicious. They invented a creative solution of putting a net beneath each mango to prevent it from falling once it had ripened.
Miyazaki farmers have finally succeeded in growing the sweet and luscious mangoes of their dreams! Soon after, they invented the brand name “Sun Egg” for these ripened mangos, whose sugar content is quality controlled at 15% or more.Sun Egg juice has been used to make a variety of items, including drinks, Jell-O, jam, pies, and caramel.

Mango pudding mix and mango wine are additional popular options.
According to studies, this mango, which is rich in antioxidants, can help prevent cancer. Lowers cholesterol. Skin-friendly. Prevents heat stroke and improves immunity.
If we are talking about the nutritional facts of Miyazaki mangoes, here are some facts.

If you want to get the health advantages of Miyazaki mangoes, you should eat them once a week during the summer. And wonder what, in addition to other advantages, healthy digestion is another advantage of Miyazaki mangoes

They consist of the following:
Vitamin C, E, A, K

miyazaki mango


Which mango is the most expensive?
Miyazaki Mango:
Miyazaki Mango The most expensive mango in the world, which resembles red dinosaur eggs, costs a whopping Rs 2.7 lakhs.

What are the advantages of eating mangoes on a daily basis?
Rich in antioxidants
Can help prevent cancer.
Lowers cholesterol.
Prevents heat stroke and improves immunity.

What are the harmful impacts of mango?
Mango is rich in fiber, and eating too many fiber fruits might cause diarrhoea issues.

What is Miyazaki mango? Miyazaki mangoes got their name from the city in Japan where they are grown. They are rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene and folic acid, these mangoes are grown during the peak harvest season.

Which mango is the king of mango? Alphonso is the king of mangoes ,there are over 1500-odd varieties of mangoes cultivated in world, the Alphonso is perhaps the most popular, and enjoys cult status among the country’s mango.

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