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Youtube SEO Begineer To Advance Full Seo Guide 100% Result

Here is the Begineer To Advance Full Youtube Seo Guide and Increase Views and Ranking of your Video just by performing the given steps. So lets start with basics and step by step guide to rank youtube video easily in search results.

Youtube Seo plays the most important role in increasing views and search results so it is important to take action on it so lets begin with short course. This will definitely work if all steps are properly followed.

Youtube SEO

What is Seo ?
Seo is nothing but process or implementation of steps to increase the rank of your blog,website or video in a particular search Engine.
As the rank increases ,the more visitors will be on your website or youtube video.

How to do Youtube Seo ?
1) Decide niche of your video
2) Target Keyword
3) Include the keywords in the title of your video.
4) Write description adding your target Keyword
5) Use video hashtags for more reach.
6) Make an eye-catching Thumbnails.
7) Add subtitles and closed captions.
8) Share on Social media

Important Part before getting to Youtube Seo
Make your channel searchable give proper name to your channel which can be easily remembered and searchable by visitors.
Add channel Keywords which can increase your visibility of channel.

Youtube seo 2022

You can add or edit channel keywords by selecting setting section in youtube studio.
Note : Add channel name and then add other keywords

Youtube Seo Step by Step

• Decide Niche
The very first step of youtube seo find the keyword according to yours video content.
Try to make content on trending topics as it will attract more users and growth of channel will be increased.

Analyse the keyword strength and its competition
The second step is analysing keyword and knowing which keywords mostly searched by users,You can just check in youtube search bar and search for multiple keywords. (eg- How to make cake)

Youtube seo 2022

Now Consider atlest 4 to 6 long tail keywords from above and check its competition and keyword strength using a free version tool called as Tubebuddy.
Tubebuddy is tool specially made for youtube Seo. It has free,premium,Elite Version.
Free version is enough for finding best keyword for youtube video ,so no need of premium version.

Tubebuddy youtube seo

Just Add tubebuddy extensions on your chrome and link it with yours youtube channel.

Youtube seo 2022

Now you can see at right side after the search “how to make cake” here I got keyword score and keyword stats. So accordingly you can check for best keyword for your’s video.
If Keyword scores is ” very good” or “Excellent” then that’s the keyword you must target because it will be very easy to rank video on such keyword.

• Spy on Competitors video
You can just check yours competitor video tags and on which keyword the theirs video is ranking on youtube search.
You can also copy their tags and use in your video tags section for better ranking results.

Youtube seo 2022

Just look at right side of the image you can see tags of the video and on which tags i.e. keywords of the video is ranking on youtube search.
Example the first and second keyword is “classic vanilla cake recipe” and “How to make birthday cake”, then on this keyword the video is ranking on 1st position in youtube search.
So you can check all this keyword stats on clicking it one by one and select multiple keyword for yours video.

Youtube seo 2022

Now here you can check for the interest over time for that particular keyword and search for related niche and video topics. It is very important to check keyword interest over time because sometimes there are such keywords which get traffic according to festival or season.
So now collect all such keywords and make any 1 keyword as targeted keyword .

• Include the keywords in the Title of your video
So after getting the targeted keyword next step is adding that keyword in your title.
And you can can target multiple keyword in title use multiple keyword in title just like this example.
“ How to Make Cake in Oven | Chocolate cake Recipe “
So here are more chances of the video that it can rank on both keywords.

• Add Description with your Targeted Keyword
So after making proper title add the multiple keywords with targeted keyword in the description of youtube video.
Note: Add the keywords in proper sentence form, never stuff the keywords.
Use video hashtags of the targeted keyword or trending keyword of according to videos category for more reach.
Add Some Suspense to Improve YouTube SEO

Always try to add something suprising in your video and tell users to watch your video till the end. This will increase your video watchtime and audience average view duration and indirectly this will help your video to rank fast as youtube algorithm will catch up your videos performance and try to suggest your video to other users. So there will be more reach of your videos and thus this will increase yours video views and ranking factors.

Youtube seo 2022 guide
Youtube seo 2022 guide

Make an eye-catching Thumbnails.
Make thumbnail attractive and eye catching so that after looking at it users get tempted to click on it.
You can use photoshop or free tool like canva for creating attractive and professional thumbnail.

Note: Never misguide user through thumbnail as user may just leave your video just after clicking it and this will downgrade your video performance and ranking.

canva for Youtube thumbnail

Add subtitles and closed captions
Always use subtitle and closed captions for your video this has 2 benefits ,first is your video can be watched by many users through different countries ,so there is chance that your video can be ranked in multiple countries.
Second benefit is that it’s easy for youtube crawler to understand what content is present in your video and accordingly the chances of ranking your video gets increase.

Making playlists
Always create the playlist of videos according to categories and try to make videos in parts so that playlist can be made for such videos.

Youtube seo 2022

Benefit of playlist is ,it increases the search optimization as various videos are present in playlist and youtube crawler ables to understand video content and niche and thus this increases the ranking and seo optimization of videos.
As well as the when user watch a video and then he definitely watch other videos in playlist thus this increases yours videos views.

Embed Your Videos in Blog Posts
Link building is good method for seo optimization and increasing ranking. So whenever you write a blog post try to embed video in it.
For example, when I mentioned “Chocolate Cake” in this guide, I embedded a video to explain “How to make chocolate cake”.
Share Video on Various Platform
You can just Mention Your Video on Quora, facebook, twitter and Other Q&A Sites for more traffic on your video.
Never spam on such sites.

Use Youtube Studio For Advance Youtube Seo
You can use youtube search and youtube studio for advance research for your video growth.
Select with your targeted keyword through youtube search as it is free and simple no need of any tool.
Use youtube studio to watch how yours videos are performing and at which geographical region has more watch. You can able to see yours video performance through analytics in youtube studio.
You can see the Views, Watch time (hours), Subscribers gained, Your estimated revenue, Impressions, Impressions click-through rate of all this in one frame. Just click on advance mode in analytics. Then Try to understand where your video lacks and try to improve on it.

Youtube seo
Youtube seo

Youtube Seo Lets take an example:

If your impressions are good but click through rate is low the you must change your video thumbnail as it is not performing well. Try to make thumbnail attractive and clickable.Yours click through rate must be atlest 5%

Youtube seo 2022

If your video is published then youtube studio will show yours average view duration and watch time.
Now if my video is 10 min duration and average view duration is 2 mins that means viewers usually leave my video after watching till 2 mins.
This downgrades your video performance ,so this indicates your video content must be improved.

Take the most of your time in keyword research. (If possible then try to make video on trending topics)
Follow all the Steps Properly
Definitely you will get the result and yours Youtube video will start ranking in search results.


Which is the best Youtube SEO tool ?

  • Tubebuddy

What is youtube Seo ?

  • Youtube Seo is nothing but process or implementation of steps to increase the rank of your video in a search result.

Why Seo is needed for Youtube?

  • To increase Youtube views and search results performing Youtube Seo is needed.

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